Before proceeding please make sure that you completed all of the steps marked in this guide in order to be able to work with our API within GWD - Google Web Designer | Setting Up a Project

Building Standard banner:


1. Set up the project

Once you've set up your project with our Adkit using the "Standard" option from the window properties


And all the other steps from this guide you can proceed to develop your banner.

2. Mind the format limitations

Video and YouTube components should not be used with Standard banner format which is limited to 200kb and cannot track videos.

3. Setup Clickthrough

Only EB.clickthrough() without any name string passed in as an argument is allowed.


 For information on setting it up, please visit: Google Web Designer | Tracking Interactions

4. Design your ad

5. Set a default image

Create/add a default image to your build - Google Web Designer | Setting a Default Image

6. Publish the ad

Make sure settings are as below - all mandatory except  border color:

and verify it works as intended.

7. Zip up

select all relevant assets in the publish folder and zip them up - upload / deliver the ad.

Additional resources:

Google Web Designer index and component installation guide:

Using Sizmek API functionalities & Sizmek GWD components:

For information on building Sizmek HTML5 base formats please visit:  

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