I: Converting an existing GWD DoubleClick Ad.

If you already have an existing project that was made using the 'DoubleClick' environment instead of 'Generic', you can still easily convert them to Sizmek ads without having to re build the project from scratch.

  1. Open the existing project in Google Ad Designer.
  2. Change interface to Code View.
  3. Remove two DoubleClick specific scripts: In the section of the HTML code, search for the gwdgooglead_min.js and Enabler.js scripts and delete them:

    Google scripts
  4. Modify gwd- ad wrapper name: In the <body> of the document, change the div wrapper gwd-google-ad, gwd-dv360 or gwd-admob to gwd-genericad
    Make sure you change this for both the opening and closing tags:

  5. Save your files and close the project.
  6. Re-open the project.
    The ad will have been automatically converted to the 'generic' ad environment.


Important: If you have specific DoubleClick code within your ad (for example, a doubleClick clickTag) this will need to be removed and updated with the sizmek code outlined in this guide. If you are using special doubleClick/GWD components, these will also need to be modified and/or removed. For more information on supported GWD components, please see Appendix

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