Client is seeing a very low volume of viewability of aproximately 36% for Comscore while they also see something near 50% for IAS. Client needs tips/advice on how to improve viewability performance.


  • DSP platform

Required information

  • Campaign ID/Name
  • Analyze report link


This is a performance related issue which you can reach out to an Analyst for assistance. Global Support handle questions or issues related to platform integrity or functionality, data concerns such as discrepancies between Sizmek and other vendors or data anomalies, campaign management, delivery, ad setup etc.

But there is a video on the Global Support Confluence page that may assist the CSM in clearing up any confusion pasted below.

However having said that, how is the client be monitoring viewability? Sizmek DSP Integrated (ComScore, IAS, MOAT) or Externally?

  • If they are measuring viewability externally make sure you get regular reporting. We can map it via external reporting. We either need to have access to the 3rd party platform to check ourselves (external reporting JIRA should tell you this) or they need to send us updates everyday, if possible. Then this can be viewed in Analyze againsts metrics that mentioned "Advertiser Reported".
  • If they are measuring via Sizmek DSP Integrated, easy, use the DSP Analyze tab to monitor the viewability performance against metrics that reference "Sizmek Integrated".
  • Improving both mapped and integrated viewability numbers is simple, you should should be able to increase viewability performance by just adding a secondary goal (if not added) or increasing the viewability goal percentage.
  • If you have multiple goals, the preferred set up is to set viewability to high priority equal or close to the client goal and CTR/CPA to medium priority but more aggressive than the client goal. Do not change the weight once set. If you need to focus on one or the other make the other goal less aggressive.
  • If increasing the goal percentage doesn't improve the overall viewability, I would look to adding/removing/loosening restrictions, such as, white/black lists, brand safety, devices, categories etc to increase the pool of inventory available to the campaign.



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