There are a few limitations that often confuse users when comparing Analyze Pixels data to other data sources (including Hive queries and campaign delivery related reporting). 


  • DSP
  • New DSP

Required information

  • Links to Analyze Pixel screen and comparative reports


Known Limitations Solution
Analyze Pixels does not show "same day" Messaged Fires Wait for the daily scheduled refresh to be completed. The SLA for this data refresh is by 6pm EST to refresh to the previous 24 hours.
Analyze Pixels does not show messaged fires tied to archived objects (ex. ads, tactics, etc.) Comparing Analyze and Analyze Pixel reports sliced by dimensions like ad id is a quick way to identify this issue. Archived objects cannot be revived or searched in the DSP or New DSP. If you cannot find results for a object id (missing in Analyze Pixel reporting) in the global search feature, then the object was archived. If absolutely necessary, the objects can be unarchived in the Admin UI.

Long term, the CSM should consider a enhancement request with Product to resolve this limitation.
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