New DSP Updates: December 11, 2018

Target by Weather

Take advantage of a new integration with Peer39's pre-bid targeting data to target your campaigns by specific weather patterns, temperature ranges, NOAA alerts, or flu activity levels. See more.

Ads.txt Targeting: Enhanced Category Support

Sizmek's ability to target your campaigns by ads.txt files has been enhanced: you can now target specific inventory categories within any publisher's ads.txt file. See more.

Campaign Builder Enhancements: Streamlined Pixel Workflows and Ad Unassignment 

On the Goals and Tracking tab, you can click in the Activity column of the Pixels grid to view daily pixel fires. See more.

On the Goals and Tracking tab, you can now assign third-party pixels. See more.

On the Ads tab, you can unassign many ads from line items or tactics in a single click.  See more.

Note: Comscore post-bid Viewability data is no longer supported. 

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