Client has an existing API access in DSP and they want to have an access to additional subnet (can also be an access to a company or a campaign) to be added to their existing API user. 


  • DSP

Required information

  • API User (email or User ID)
  • API Token
  • Subnet ID

Troubleshooting Steps

The following steps below can only be performed by Platform Admins.
  1. If the requester is a client, loop in the Account Manager of the agency before proceeding to the next steps. Ask for a confirmation if it is okay to grant the user with additional access.
  2. Search the user email or user id in DSP platform. If in case the client didn't provide the email address or user id of their existing API user and they give API token, you can also find the email address of the API user using the token by simply pasting the API token by using the API Debug Tool.
  3. Add the requested setup. This could mean that you may need to grant an access to a subnet, company or campaign. It depends on what the client needs.
  4. Double check if the existing token that they have been using is still valid after saving the additional setup that they requested by pasting the API Token again using the API Debug Tool.
  5. If the token returns as invalid, you may need to regenerate a new API token by using the API Token Generator.

Quick Notes

  • For you to access API Debug Tool and API Token Generator, you need to use you Non-SSO login in DSP to access both tools.
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