The Media Tracking section of the Sizmek DMP allows users to track their media outside of the Sizmek network. By setting up and managing your media in these menus, you can view media performance on the Media Performance chart.

Viewing Available Programs

Locate an Advertiser

  1. Navigate to the Sizmek logo in the upper left corner, and then click the menu icon. The DSP shows a menu for Advertisers and Admin.

    Sizmek DSP Menu 2
  2. Select the Account that contains your advertiser, and then select your Advertiser. The DSP shows all of the advertiser's campaigns.

    Advertiser Menu
  • In the left-hand menu, click on Media Tracking > Programs.

    Media Tracking Programs.png

The platform displays a list of all available programs, along with the columns described in the fields table.

Programs Grid.png

Program Field Column Descriptions




Unique numerical ID for each Program

Goal Type

Goal Amount



Total Spend

% Filled




Conversion Rate

Viewing Associated Campaigns, Line Items, and Tactics

Every program has campaigns, line items, and tactics associated with it. To view these, go to the Program name, and then click ... to view the options:

  • View Campaigns

  • View Line Items

  • View Tactics

Program View Line Items.png

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