This article show show to update and maintain your existing Geofences. For assistance creating Geofences, or using your Geofences effectively, see our main Geofences article.

  1. Select the Advertiser.

  2. Open the DSP menu by clicking the menu icon in the upper-right corner.

  3. Click Admin.

  4. Click Targeting Lists > Geofences. The DSP shows a list of all existing geofences.

  5. Click a Geofence name, or its associated notebook icon 40696275.png from the main Geofence screen.

  6. To download the Geofence, click Download CSV File. The DSP prompts you for the location of the CSV file to download.


Pausing a Geofence

Pause a Geofence to stop the DSP from building the geo-audience. Pausing a Geofence does not affect active, real-time Geofence targeting. Real-time Geofence Locations are active until you remove it from the restriction, or when the Geofence itself is deleted.

  1. Click a Geofence name, or its associated notebook icon from the main Geofence screen.

  2. Click Pause to pause the Geofence from building the geo-audience.

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