Weather API Extension

To allow for ease of integration and for optimal caching of Weather results, Peer39 Weather data is supported by the Peer39 Weather API Extension.



  • One hour cache cycle is recommended. (Maximum cache cycle is three hours.)

  • Response structure matches that of the Peer39 classification API response structure, though only the Weather category IDs will be returned.

  • Weather data will be returned upon First Look (RT=2) response.

Request Format



API Request Inputs & Parameters

Inputs & Parameters


Syntax Examples and Notes

Hostname with Weather extension*

Hostname provided by Peer39.

cc* (Client_Code)

Client Code (API Key) is a unique identifier for the account and provided by Peer39.


ip* (IP_Address)

Mandatory for Weather Targeting Categories.

Holds the IP address of the user.



(For future use.) Will be used for Weather Targeting categories to Mobile Users.

Contains a combination of two data points: Latitudinal and Longitudinal coordinates of a mobile user.

A combination of Two data elements, Latitude and Longitude, separated with a semicolon (;) delimiter, which MUST come as a pair of float numbers that can be either positive or negative.


zp (Postal_Code)

(For future use.) Will be used to support additional geo-location- based targeting categories.

Contains the Postal code of a user.

This can be a 5-digit US-based zip-code or zip-code for other countries (may include alpha-numeric characters).


*Mandatory API request Inputs & Parameters. If any are missing or syntax is incorrect, the result is a broken API call and/or Error Response (RT=1).

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