A default image is required for each banner ad that is created in the system. In certain cases, the Sizmek ad server displays the default image instead of the primary asset to ensure that the user experience remains positive and that the page structure is not affected. These cases include:

  • HTML5 ads running on old browsers that do not support HTML5.

  • Cases in which end users disable JavaScript processing.


    Note: Impressions that are served when JavaScript is disabled are counted as Count on download and not Count on render.

  • Regardless of the reason, if an expandable ad cannot expand, Sizmek displays the default image.

  • For flash ads only, Sizmek uses special scripts to detect the Flash player on the local machine. In cases for which Flash Player is not installed or on browsers that do not support this technology.

  • Sizmek serves the default image in case of a hard-stop, when the placement reaches its ordered units (impressions or clicks) or crosses the placement date range. These impressions are called hard-stop impressions.

  • For Dynamic Creative ads, if a version cannot be selected, the server displays the default image from the default ad. This will be logged as the default impression.

In terms of reporting, Sizmek distinguishes between default image impressions, standard impressions, and hard-stop impressions.

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