MRC IVT (Invalid Traffic) guidelines require Sizmek to have a documented process of how IVT-related features and setup are managed. This article describes how these processes currently work in Sizmek.

  • For Sizmek Ad Suite, IVT is under the management of the Webology research team. IVT issues are handled as part of the ESP data team.

  • IVT suspected and related support issues are handled by Global Support (usually 3-Tier support) with involvement from the Data and Server teams.

  • The V&V forum and Global Support are responsible for IVT matters and development in Sizmek including the following:

    • Applying MRC guidelines, including IVT and maintaining readiness of the system according to MRC updates.

    • Adding new features and capabilities for our IVT filtration mechanism - Server and Data - as part of our on-going V&V Scrum. This Scrum team releases features, fixes, and changes approximately once every three weeks.

    • Adjusting current IVT filtration setup to support additional filtering scenarios.

    • Researching new IVT threats and capabilities as part of filtration and Verification products.

    • Alerting about new IVT trends or incidents based on the Webology team, Server team, and GP team monitoring.

    • Maintaining the methodologies and documenting changes.

  • To support and troubleshoot suspected IVT, Global Support will do the following:

    • Keep the IVT pulse in-check by researching suspected discrepancy cases with 3PAS as IVT-related.

    • Use direct data access capabilities to alert R&D about any irregular behavior that is IVT-related, or a bug/lack of capabilities.

    • Issue general notifications to clients and client services using direct emails to users and the system's message board.

    • Issue direct personalized email communications and initiate direct conference calls with relevant clients, client services, publishers, and partners as needed, according to the troubleshooting issues, findings, and decisions on future procedures.

    • Escalate cases, which Global Support cannot resolve, to R&D and Product Management.

    • Initiate a product change or an infrastructure change, including IVT, in collaboration with R&D and Product Management in cases where such issues have been discovered.

    • Release a general notice when issues are resolved and communicate the impact on products or services.

  • Ongoing features and changes to the IVT process are released to the live environment according to the standard development and release procedures approved by R&D. As part of our Agile process and patch and support case-resolution release policy, R&D managers and relevant product managers need to approve these critical uploads.

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