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Important: This feature entails additional costs. For more information, please contact your customer success manager.


Note: This feature is protected by the following permission:

  • Create/Edit Site Activity


Advertisers use site activities to measure user actions that are not ad-related (clicks/impressions) or conversions. The following examples represent common site activity use cases.

  • Natural Search:

    1. A user views a Sizmek-served ad for (a concert ticket website).

    2. Two days later, the user searches (in a search engine) for a rock concert near Amsterdam and one of the results is a concert sold by

    3. The user clicks the natural search result (not a paid search ad) and lands on where there is a tag manager that triggers a conversion activity.

    As a result, if a natural search site activity rule is enabled for in the tag manager, can generate a path to conversion or raw data feed that includes the ad served, a site activity named Search, and the conversion.

    Supported search engines include:

  • Custom:

    1. A user views a Sizmek-served ad for for The Tracking Band concert, clicks the ad, and is redirected to

    2. On, the end-user sees a recommendation for another concert, clicks it, and buys concert tickets.

    As a result, if a rule exists that triggers a custom site activity when the user clicks the recommendation, and a conversion is triggered when the user purchases tickets, can generate a path to conversion or raw data feed that includes the ad served, a custom site activity with a name defined in Sizmek Ad Suite, and the conversion.


Note: Site visits are included as events in the path to conversion, but cannot be the winner event.

In addition to natural search and custom site tracking, site activity also includes social tracking.

If a user was referred from one of the supported social networks (without a paid click-tracker) and landed on a page with a tag manager that has social site activity enabled, the event data in the path will be classified as a social event and be associated with the corresponding social network.

Click trackers for social ads are used to classify clicks from social ads as paid media; therefore, traffic that originates from an ad on a social network will not collect social site activity data.

Supported social networks include:


For more information, see Path to Conversion Report Fields and Site Activity Fields.

Site Activity Rules

When you create a tag manager, Sizmek Ad Suite creates three site activity rules, which are disabled by default:

  • Social Referral Rule: The referral URL belongs to one of the social networks.

  • Search Referral Rule: The referral URL belongs to one of the search engines.

  • Other Referral Rule: The referral URL is not from any of the search engines or social networks.


Note: In the case of a global advertiser with local advertisers, three rules are created for each advertiser.

For example, if a tag manager has a global advertiser and two local advertisers, there will be nine site activity rules created by default.

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