The Tag Management feature includes a Chrome™ browser extension that you can use to test a tag manager. Follow these steps to install and use the Chrome extension.


Note: This extension works in the Chrome browser only. The extension does not work with the Sizmek MDX VersaTag tester. We recommend that you disable the Sizmek MDX VersaTag tester when using the Test Tag Manager feature in Chrome.

Installing the Chrome Extension


  • Click here to install the Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS) Tags Tester from the Chrome Web Store.

Note the new icon that appears in the address bar:


Using the Chrome Extension


Note: Users who are not logged into SAS can still see results for the Chrome extension; however, certain values are visible (such as Parameters and 3rd Party Tags) and others are blocked (such as Name and Counting Method).

To see the blocked values, you can use the link to log into SAS.


Note: This feature does not detect variables that were captured and rules that were fired for <noscript> implementations.

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