The Tag Management feature includes a Chrome™ browser extension that you can use to test a Tag Manager. Follow these steps to install and use the Chrome extension.


Note: This extension works in the Chrome browser only.


Note: This feature does not detect variables that were captured and rules that were fired for <noscript> implementations.

Installing Amazon Ad Server (AAS) Tag Tester Chrome extension


  1. In case you previously installed Amazon Ad Server Tag Tester extension please disable it, either by clicking the remove button or by disabling through the toggle.

  2. Download the folder "one-tag-extension" from here.

  3. Extract the one-tag-extension folder to a desired destination (other than the download folder).


    Note: Deleting this folder will cause the extension to stop working.

  4. Open chrome and type: chrome://extensions/.

  5. Activate "developer mode" on the right top corner.

  6. Press "load unpacked" and choose the downloaded unzipped folder "one-tag-extension."

  7. The installation is completed.

Note the new icon that appears in the address bar:

  • If the icon is gray, the Tag Tester did not detect a tag manager firing on the currently viewed page. (The tool cannot detect a Tag Manager in an iFrame.)

  • If the icon is blue, the Tag Tester detected a Tag Manager firing on the currently viewed page.

Using the Chrome Extension


Note: To see the results in the AAS Tag Tester extension, you need to be logged into the AAS Tag Tester using your AAS credentials. Please note that this applies even if you are logged into AAS in another tab.

To see the blocked values, you can use the link to log into AAS.

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