The Tag Manager feature includes a Chrome™ browser extension that a user (client services manager, trafficker, or an agency/advertiser analytics expert) can use to analyze retargeting cookies that exist on the browser and understand the current navigation journey.

To install the Chrome extension, see Installing the Chrome Extension.


Note: This extension works in the Chrome browser only.

How Does It Work?

If there are retargeting cookies set on the browser, this tool displays data about the retargeting cookies, such as advertiser ID and name, retargeting activity ID and name, and value.



Important: Before you begin, confirm that the pages that set the retargeting activities are either running without the Chrome extension, or while the Chrome extension Data Collection mode is set to Partial. For more information, see Test Sizmek Ad Suite Advertiser Tags on a Web Page .


Note: This tool only works for Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS) Retargeting cookies.

  1. Navigate to a web page.

  2. Click the Chrome extension icon and select Retargeting Cookie Analyzer.

  3. Log into SAS.

    The following pane appears and displays the cookies for the user's browser navigation history.

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