Sizmek Ad Suite provides a complete solution for building HTML5 ads. The workflow for building HTML5 ads involves designing your HTML5 ads, uploading the ads to the platform and creating the ads in the platform. The following sections describe these steps in the workflow.

The maximum HTML5 ad size supported in the platform is 10 MB. For more information on supported HTML5 ad formats in the platform, see Master Ad Settings.

To view a set of HTML5 ad demos, refer to Showcase.

Designing Your HTML5 Ad

Sizmek provides the following tools for designing your HTML5 ads:

Instant Creative

The Sizmek Instant Creative ad authoring tool, which is available in the Sizmek Ad Suite, provides a set of top-notch ad templates that can easily and quickly be made into your own ads. All you need to do is to select a template, customize the different components and attributes, and proceed to serve the ad. For more information, see Rapid Creative.

Ad Builder for HTML5

The Ad Builder for HTML5 is our graphical user interface authoring tool for creating HTML5 ads from scratch or by using a set of predefined templates. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface is simple to use whether you’re a seasoned developer, or have no knowledge of code. You access Ad Builder for HTML5 from within the platform from Creative > New Ads List > Design HTML5 Ad. For more information on Ad Builder for HTML5, see About Ad Builder.

HTML5 Workspaces

Sizmek HTML5 Workspaces are a toolset for you as a programmer to incorporate our rich media features using the authoring environment of your choice. Workspaces are ZIP folders that contain all of the assets and files you’ll need for a single ad, pre-packaged with Sizmek API code. Once you have created a Workspace, all you have to do is plug in your own assets and customize your ad to meet your needs. When you are finished, zip your Workspace folder and upload it to the platform for trafficking. To learn more about building Sizmek HTML5 Workspaces, see HTML5 Workspaces.

Uploading Your HTML5 Ad to the Platform

An HTML5 ad is uploaded to the platform as a Workspace zip folder and is saved in the Assets Library.

In the Assets Library, the html5_workspace_icon.png icon indicates that this is an HTML5 Workspace folder.


The way the Workspace is uploaded differs depending on where you created the ad:

  • Upload from HTML5 Workspaces: You are required to manually upload the zipped Workspace folder from within the platform to the Assets Library or when you create a new ad.

  • Upload from Ad Builder for HTML5: Uploading an HTML5 ad from within Ad Builder for HTML5 to the platform automatically creates the ad in the platform and adds it to the master list. In parallel, the platform creates a Workspace with the name of the ad and adds the ad's Workspace folder to the Assets Library.

Serving Your HTML5 Ad on the Platform

You can serve a new HTML5 ad using the Blank Ad option accessible from the New Ad list in the Master Ads list.

Once you have selected your HTML5 format, proceed to assign (with the Assign Asset button) your HTML5 Workspace folder to the ad.


Assigning and uploading the local Workspace zip automatically extracts the Workspace to the Assets Library.

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