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Ad Builder supports creating HTML5 adaptive and responsive ads allowing you to create multiple ad instances within a single ad without the need to create a dedicated ad for each and every ad variation. Adaptive and responsive ads are sometimes grouped together however in Ad Builder they are separate features that provide different solutions for different scenarios.

Adaptive Ads

An adaptive ad contains multiple creative instances of the creative concept, each optimized for a specific placement dimension. In Ad Builder, adaptive functionality is enabled in the Ad Settings tab and the instances are created in the Instances Manager.

For example, an adaptive single Polite ad can contain:

  • A Medium Rectangle (300 x 250 pixels) instance

  • A LeaderBoard (728 x 90 pixels) instance

  • A Mobile Banner (320 x 50 pixels) instance

Each instance may use a different set of assets, optimized for size and purpose.

You can easily build your own adaptive ad using our dedicated Adaptive Banner template located in the Templates Gallery in Ad Builder. DOC_adaptive_templat_template_gallery.pngDuring serving, we determine which instance to serve using an algorithm based on the target placement. For more information, see Build a Single-Tag Adaptive HTML5 Ad .

Responsive Ads

A responsive ad is defined on the instance level - a banner or a panel, causing the instance to automatically enlarge or decrease, while maintaining the aspect ratio, in response to the placement size on which the instance is served. Ad Builder allows you to determine the responsive ad behavior including the way the instance will increase, for example, to full height or width, and if certain elements are fixed and will not be affected. For more information, see HOW TO: Create HTML5 Responsive Ads in Ad Builder.


Important: To set a banner as responsive, set the ad as Adaptive in Ad Settings located on the menu bar and then proceed to configure the ad's instances as responsive.


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