• Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS): Creative > Ads > New Ad > Design HTML5 Ads > Components

The Shape component allows you to add a shape to your ad without having to prepare or upload an image. The shape gallery provides a set of shapes. The shape's look and feel include the background color, the borders, and opacity, which you can easily customize according to your needs. You can also associate a full set of actions and animations with the shape.

  1. In Ad Builder > Components click Shape. The shape is set on the canvas and the shape Properties panel opens.


    All the shapes are set with the same default look and feel which includes a gray border and a blue background.

  2. Set the look and feel for the shape:

    • Shape and Opacity: Select a square or a circle, or click More to select additional shapes.

    • Stroke: Set the shape stroke (border) including the color, opacity, and radius.

    • Fill: Set the color and opacity to fill the shape.

  3. (Optional) Click Reset to Default Style to revert back to the original shape design.

  4. Proceed to assign actions and animations to the shape. For more information, see Ad Builder: Events, Actions and Animations.

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