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The Button component allows you to add a button to your ad, and set various properties to configure its appearance. The Button component includes three states (Normal, MouseOver, and Clicked) that you can set. Each state includes its own settings, and you can configure a different look and feel for each state.

  1. In Ad Builder for HTML5 > Components, click Button.


    The default button appears on the canvas.

  2. In the Properties pane, configure the relevant settings.



The following table describes the fields that you can set.




Determines the user-defined name for the component.

W and H

Dimensions of the button.

X and Y

Position of the button in the ad.

Show on Load

Determines whether to show the button as soon as the ad appears.


Text on button. "CLICK ME" is the default text.

Button States

The system provides the following button states:

  • Normal: Determines the basic look-and-feel of the button in the ad.

  • Mouse Over: Determines the look and feel when a user hovers over the button.

  • Clicked: Determines the look and feel when a user clicks the button.

Format Buttons

The following options enable you to apply an existing format to the different button states:

  • Reset to Default Style: Resets the Normal button to the default look-and-feel.

  • Apply Normal Style: Applies the latest Normal state look-and-feel to the selected button state (Mouse Over or Clicked).

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