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When the user clicks the Tweet button, the Tweet Text contains the default "check out this ad" text provided by the properties of the Tweet Button. The user can change this text in the Factory properties. Posting of the Tweet is confirmed and the user has suggested accounts they may wish to follow, as provided in the properties of the Tweet Button. The Tweet Intent remains open until the user presses close.

  1. In Ad Builder > Components, click Twitter.

  2. Configure the properties for your Twitter Tweet in the Properties dialog box.

    The following table describes the fields.




    Determine the Twitter component user-defined name.

    W and H

    Define the dimensions of the Twitter button.

    X and Y

    Define the positioning of the Twitter button on the page.

    Show on Load

    Determine whether to show the Twitter share as soon as the ad appears.

    URL to Share

    Add the absolute URL of the page that will be shared.

    Tweet Text

    Define the Twitter text.


    Define the user screen name associated with the Tweet.


    Define the recommended accounts.


    Add comma separated hashtags to be appended with tweet text. This is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet.

    Button Type

    Select one of the standard Twitter button layouts or upload your own button. This button will appear without a count box.

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