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Ad Builder enables you to add social feeds to your HTML5 ads. Social feeds provide live content and user experience to your ads. For example, the Facebook Feed component allows you to display updated feeds located in Facebook. You can configure the look-and-feel of the ad feed component, and how the ad retrieves the updated feed information from the remote site.


Important: The social feed is updated periodically from the target site either upon ad upload or following a user action (for example, a mouseover or a click). It is recommended to retrieve the updates from the destination site following after a user action to minimize the traffic generated to the site.


Adding a Facebook Feed

  1. In Ad Builder, select the Facebook Feed component.

  2. In the Properties panel, configure the Facebook Page URL:

    1. In the Facebook Page URL field, type the Facebook target URL.

    2. (Optional) Enable Auto-Fetch Feed On load, to automatically fetch the feed on ad load instead of on user interaction. This is not recommended as it will increase traffic to Facebook.


      Note: By default, auto-fetch feed occurs upon user load. This minimizes user traffic to Facebook and prevents Facebook from blocking the ad.

    3. In the Upload Placeholder Image field, select a default image to be displayed until the user interaction triggers the update or if the feed fails to display.

  3. In the Properties panel, configure the Facebook feed look-and-feel.

  4. In the Actions and Animations panel, configure an event to trigger the feed update:

    1. Assign an event to trigger the Facebook feed action. For example, the Tap/Click event.

    2. Click Add Action and select Get Feed Data from the Social Actions section. In the following example, when the user clicks the product image, the Facebook Feed data is updated.

    3. Select the required target social feed.

  5. Preview the ad to ensure that the data feed is displayed and updated periodically in the ad.

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