The Video Cue Point event in Ad Builder enables you to assign actions and animations to execute at specific cue points within a video. This event allows creative users to author animations, which are connected to what is happening in the video, without writing code. Video cue points are applicable to the Video component, 360 Viewer (Video) component and In-Stream ads.

Adding 3rd Party Trackers on Video Quartile with Video Cue Points

  • Click Video Element

  • Click Create New Event

  • Select On Cue Point Event

  • Define a value on Cue Point Event

  • Under the on Cue Point Event, select Run Javascript as Action

  • Open Code Editor

  • Write your own javascript code that will fire your quartile tracking URL. I have a sample code below you can use for reference.


Sample Javascript Code:

var ebRand = Math.random();
ebRand = ebRand * 1000000;
var pl = document.createElement("img");
pl.type = "text/javascript";
pl.src = ""+ebRand;
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