• Sizmek MDX: Manage > Ads > New > Design New HTML5 Ad > Actions and Animations> Actions > Custom Actions

  • Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS): Creative > Ads > New Ad > Design HTML5 Ads > Actions and Animations> Actions > Custom Actions


Ad Builder enables you to add an action that allows users to download a file, for example, a coupon, from an ad. When this action is triggered during serving, the file should be delivered to the user. It can either be downloaded as a file (preferred) or opened in a new browser tab/window.

  1. Create an ad in Ad Builder and add a component to which you will associate an event.

  2. Select the Tap/Click event to trigger the required action.


    Important: This action can be triggered by the Tap/Click or the Double-click events and only supports downloading a single file.

  3. Click Ad Action.

  4. In the Action list, under Custom Actions, select Download File.

  5. In Select/Upload File, upload the file to your ad. Ad Builder supports the following file types: JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF.

  6. (Optional) Define a custom interaction that will count each click to download. SAS can track this custom interaction in the campaign report.

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