A sequence of actions within a trigger event is considered an interaction in the Ad Builder. You can easily set a sequence of actions within a trigger event to run in a repetitive loop. You can set the loop to run endlessly or specify a limited number to times to repeat the loop. By default, the interaction is set to run once in the ad.

Tips and Recommendations

  • It is recommended that an efficient animation should not run in an endless loop; rather, it should run a number of times and then lead to a call of actions. The maximum should not exceed 10 loops.

  • By default, interactions are set to run once. When you manually set the repeat instance to run once, the interaction will run twice.

  • The loop feature does not apply to the Expand and Collapse actions.

  • An interaction is repeated only after all the actions in the interaction have completed to run.

  • Actions that are set to repeat several times (in a loop) are displayed a single time when using the Play button to preview. During runtime, the correct number of repeats will be displayed.

    1. In the Properties Pane > Actions and Animations tab, select Create New Event.

    2. Configure a sequence of actions for the event.

    3. Click DOC_AA_sequenceofactions_loop_icon.png. The Loop list opens.

    4. Select an option to configure the loop parameters:

      • Once: Runs the loop once. This is the default value.

      • Forever: Runs the interaction in a repetitive loop.

      • Other: Runs the interaction according to your preference. By default, the interaction runs once in the ad and is considered one repetition. Additional repetitions are calculated according to 1 (initial run) + n (repeated loops).

        • When you click Other, the Repeat Interaction dialog opens. Specify the number of times to repeat the interaction and click OK.

    5. Preview the ad to validate that the interactions are running correctly and that there is no specific action within the loop that prevents the interaction loop from running.

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