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  • Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS) > Creative > Ads > New HTML5 Ad

In Ad Builder, you can copy a sequence of actions and animations from one component to another by setting the target object as Self. When the target object is set to _Self, the object receives the _Self suffix.

For example, if a sequence of actions is triggered when the ad loads on an image called leftWheel1, every action in that sequence that lists "_Self" as its target, will act on leftWheel1. When an action is copied to a different component, _Self starts pointing at that new component. If the rotate action, set to "_Self", is copied from LeftWheel1 to LeftWheel2, it would act on both wheels when executed.

In addition, the Onload action has been added to each component which shortens design time as you no longer have to create the components and go back to the Onload Ad and select each component individually.

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