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Important: To view and access the Formats tab in the Templates Gallery, please contact your customer success manager.


Note: This feature is protected by the following permissions:

  • CreateAndUpdateCustomAdFormat

  • ViewCustomAdFormat


Ad Builder templates allows you to easily and quickly create your HTML5 ads. All that is required is to select a template and customize the different aspects of the ad to your needs. A template determines the ad format and dimensions, any number of ad elements, components and associated actions and animations.

Ad Builder provides a set of basic templates that are based on the most commonly used ads used in the industry. A short description is provided for each template allowing you to determine which template is most suitable for your needs. In addition, you can create your own templates for future use. These templates are defined as shared and are accessible to all the users in your account.

The Template Gallery includes all the templates which are grouped according to the following categories:

  • Formats: Displays the base formats.

  • All Templates: Displays a full list of built-in and shared templates.

  • My Templates: Displays the user-defined templates created and viewable by all the users in the account. In addition to the built-in Ad Builder, you can create your own personalized templates that are automatically shared and available to all other users within your account.


Note : Rapid Creative Templates are created in Ad Builder. For more information, see Build Rapid Creative Templates.

Building Ads from Templates

The Ad Builder Welcome page provides access to templates. The main page provides a short list of most commonly used basic built-in templates and a link to the Templates Gallery.


  1. From the Ad Builder Welcome page, click Template Gallery.

  2. Select a template and click Create.


    The new ad is created based on this template in Ad Builder. The system provides a predefined name to the ad according to the following naming convention: <user><DD-MM-YY>xxxxxx (random five digit number). You can choose to rename the ad or leave as is and then proceed to customize the ad to your needs.

Creating Your Own Templates

You can create your own HTML5 templates in Ad Builder by creating an ad and saving it is as a template. The template is added to the Shared Templates list in the Templates Gallery and is available to all users in the account.

  1. Create your template and select the Save As Template in the Save menu and enter a short description.

    The Default Template Image is displayed in the Shared templates list in the Templates Gallery. This folder displays all the user-defined templates.

  2. (Optional) Select a preview image instead of the default template image.


    Note: This feature is currently only available in Sizmek MDX.

  3. Click Save.

Deleting Shared Templates

In My Templates folder, all users can delete their template or any template created by other users within the same account.

To delete a template, hover over the shared template to display the Delete icon and then select the icon.

Editing Your Templates


Note : This feature is protected by the following permissions:

  • Manage Ad Template Accounts

  • Update/Delete Ad Template

Ad Builder supports editing your templates and templates created under your account. Templates that are enabled for editing have an edit icon on the left of the template.

  1. From the Welcome window, click Templates Gallery.

  2. Select your template and click the Edit icon.

    The template opens on the Ad Builder canvas.

  3. Proceed to make the changes in the template and click Save.

    The Edit Template page opens.

  4. (Optional) In the Template Name field, rename the template and click Save.


    Note: You cannot change the template location.

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