The HTML5 Expandable ad auto-expansion panel and panel frequency settings are set on the creative level in Ad Builder for HTML5 or using Workspaces, and then modified on the platform. When uploading your ad to the platform, these setting are displayed on the panel level within the ad's Creative tab.

The Expand action defined in Ad Builder sets the panel to auto-expand an unlimited number of times.


After the ad is uploaded to the platform, these settings are displayed in the Panels tab on the ad level in the Advanced Panel Settings section.


Modifying Auto-Expand Settings in the Platform

Auto-expand settings include the following:

  • Use Ad Creative Settings: Preserves the default Expand action behavior that auto-expands the ad an unlimited number of times.

  • Overwrite Creative Setting: Always auto-expand: Always expands the panel regardless of any previous settings. Selecting this field, enables you to set modify the Panel Frequency capping settings.

  • Overwrite Creative Setting: Never auto-expand: Never expands the panel.

Modifying Panel Frequency Settings in the Platform

Panel frequency is used for Frequency Capping. Panel frequency settings include the following:

  • Unlimited: The default panel displays every time the ad appears.

  • Auto Expand: The number of the times to display the panel and in what context, (for example per session, per campaign). The default is 1.


Note: Additional panel settings are set on the platform on the panel level. For more information on the panel fields, see Expandable Ad Fields

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