TheSizmek Ad Suite (SAS) AdKit API is a JavaScript suite that enables Workspace developers to create complex ads with almost no HTML/ JavaScript code. It contains many creative functionalities such as components, Dynamic Creative capabilities, and the ability to easily create responsive ads.

The AdKit JavaScript library is part of the SAS Workspace suite that includes the following configuration files.

  • config.js: The main Creative AdKit configuration file that controls ad behavior, playback, and functionality.

  • index.html: The ad’s main creative file and initialization code. Contains a script tag that injects and loads AdKit and Client (EB) scripts.


Setting Up the AdKit Environment

The AdKit setup requires that you add the Creative AdKit declaration to the index.html file. This action automatically updates the index.html with dynamic AdKit scripts when the ad is served.

  • Copy the following script tag to the index.html:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script>


Important: AdKit replaces the SAS HTML EB Workspace support. The Creative AdKit declaration replaces the standard EBLoader declaration. This action automatically updates the index.html with dynamic AdKit scripts when the ad is served.


Note: Ads running on secure HTTPS servers should use:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>


Important: To prevent issues caused by a 3rd party's methods declaration, any 3rd party libraries should be loaded before the AdKit script.

Loading and Initializing AdKit

You are required to wrap your code inside a callback function that is provided to the onReady method. This confirms that the AdKit was properly initialized and all its API functionality is available. For more information, see AdKit: onReady Event.

AdKit Configuration

The AdKit configuration is saved in a config.js file, and must be placed in the workspace.

For more information, see AdKit Configuration.

AdKit Capabilities

Click a link to see the complete list of fields and a sample JSON for each item.

Main Capabilities

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