Because the creative normally runs in an unfriendly iFrame (see Anatomy of a Sizmek Ad) it does not have direct access to the MRAID API exposed by mobile in-app ad containers.

If your creative needs access to any of the MRAID API methods, you will need to load the EBCMD module into your creative. This module adds several methods to the EB object, which relay the MRAID method calls between the EB and EBG contexts, essentially exposing the MRAID API to the creative.

The following methods correspond to their equivalents in the MRAID specification. For more information, see the IAB TechLab article Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definition (MRAID) Version 3.0 (see section 5).

  • EB.playVideoOnNativePlayer()

  • EB.shouldUseNativePlayer()

  • EB.setNativePlayerAsDefault()

  • EB.createCalendarEvent()

  • EB.storePicture()

  • EB.isMobileDevice()

  • EB.getSDKData()

  • EB.setResizeProperties()

  • EB.setExpandProperties()

  • EB.setOrientationProperties()

  • EB.resize()

  • EB.close()

The EBCMD module also adds support for events that are specific to mobile in-app environments. For more informaiton see HTML5 Events.

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