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You can preview your ad to make sure everything is working correctly; for example, images appearing, hotspots working, and actions/events being tracked. SAS supports two preview options for previewing your HTML5 ads created in Ad Builder:

  • Internal Preview Tool: Used for a quick preview.

  • Platform Preview Tool: Once you save your ad, it is uploaded and published to the SAS platform, you can then use the main preview option to view a more detailed preview.


Internal Ad Builder Preview

Platform Preview


Preview Your Ads in the Internal Preview

In the Ad Builder internal preview, you can:

  • Make sure all your images are working, text boxes are appearing, videos are playing etc.

  • If you added actions/events, click on your ad to make sure they are working. For example, if you added an onClick event that triggers a click-through, click on your ad and see if a new window opens.

  • Preview single tag responsive instances.

  • Preview Your Ad on a Mobile Phone by Generating a QR Code. For more information, see Preview HTML5 Ads on Your Mobile Phone.

Preview Your Ads in the Platform Preview

The platform Preview provides the following features:

The Canvas

The effectiveness of your ad is not only dependent on the quality of your creative and its special effects but is also affected by the appearance of the ad on the site that it will run. For example, when testing your ad on a selected background, that is similar to your site, you may notice that the brightness or color of your ad clashes with the basic background of the site. You can then go back and modify your ad until you achieve the best results.

The Canvas is the area in Preview in which the ad is displayed. Edit Canvas tab in Preview provides a set of tools that allows you to test your ad with different backgrounds on the canvas and thereby achieve the best display of your ad on the site prior to serving it. Alternatively, you can view the ad on a simulated copy of your target webpage.

Preview enables you to move and position your ad within the canvas to achieve the optimal location for your ad on the site. This is useful especially for testing big creatives and different types of expansions. The ad position is preserved when sending a shared link sent to the reviewers. When Preview is refreshed, the ad will return to the default position.

Information Pane

The Information pane provides a full range of ad-related details allowing you to troubleshoot issues that may arise regarding components associated with your ad. This information includes general information, a detailed interaction monitor, and a full survey of all your assets, loaded and available on the ad level.

General Settings

Displays basic ad settings including associated tags. The Size field displays the ad size used for billing. The ad size is calculated according to the largest asset in the ad.


Interaction Monitor

Use the Interaction Monitor to track all the ad interactions that were defined on your ad, including EB, custom and video interactions.

The Interaction Monitor tab displays a list of interactions running on the ad, the total number of interactions specified and highlights in blue and expands the last interaction that ran on the ad. Hovering over an interaction, displays interaction type and the start time.

For more information, see Previewing Your Ads in the Platform.

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