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You can group multiple components in Ad Builder into a dedicated Group entity. Working with groups allows you to simultaneously perform tasks on multiple components. You can create a group, within banners or panels in the Instance Manager, and proceed to drag and drop components to the group. You can move the group around the stage as an independent entity, and simultaneously set actions and animations to all the components in the group.

Working with Groups

Guidelines for Working with Groups

  • New groups are initially labeled as Group[n] in the Instance Manager. You can rename the group in the Properties panel.

  • A component can only belong to a single group and cannot be a member of multiple groups.

  • You cannot delete a group that contains components. To delete a group, in the Instance Manager, drag all the components out of the group, and proceed to delete the group.

  • Selecting a group in the Instance Manager highlights the group on the stage, whereas moving the pointer over a group on the stage displays a green border.

  1. From the Instance Manager, select New Group from the New menu.


    Selecting the group in the Instance Manager displays the Group[n] Properties panel.

  2. (Optional) Set the group properties:

    You can modify the X and Y coordinates, determine if the group shows on load, and set the opacity.


    Note: Changing the settings on the group level affects all the components in the group.

  3. Assign actions and animations to the group:

    You can set the Custom Sequence event to a group.

    Groups can be set as the target of the Animations and Sequence actions.


Grouping Or Ungrouping on the Stage

You can group or ungroup components, using one of the following methods:

  • Click Group or Ungroup on the stage taskbar.

  • Use the Ad Builder keyboard shortcuts:

    • Ctrl+G: Groups the components.

    • Ctrl+Shift+G: Ungroups the components.

  • Select multiple components, and select Group or Ungroup from the right-click menu.

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