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Important: Ad Builder supports In-Stream ads only in SAS.


Note: The In-Stream ad that you can create from scratch contains the same elements and features as the In-Stream Interactive template in the Templates Gallery. The only difference between the two, is that the template in the Templates Gallery is a fixed size (640x360), while the ad you can create from scratch allows you to select its dimensions.

The HTML5 In-Stream Interactive template is a 640 x 360 pixel responsive ad that includes a Primary Video component that will serve as the linear video that runs automatically upon adload. It also includes skip and close buttons. The ad includes ready-to-go VPAID elements that you can customize for your needs. By default, upon ad autoload, the Primary Video starts playing for the full length of the duration.

The responsive ad stretches to fill the player it is running inside and maintains its aspect ratio. Responsiveness is enabled by default and cannot be modified although you can exclude components from the responsive scaling, for example, the Close and Skip Ad buttons. For more information, see Build an HTML5 Responsive Ad.

For more information on HTML5 In-Stream Ads in Ad Builder, see Work with HTML5 In-Stream Interactive Ads.

Supported Environments

Platform and Devices

Supported Version


Chrome 51, Firefox 48, IE +11


Chrome 52, Firefox 47, Safari

iPhone 6 Plus

iOS 8.1.1

iPad mini 2

iOS 9.2.1

Galaxy Tab S2


Galaxy S6


In-Stream Ad Template Elements


The element attributes in the template are described as follows.



Element Configuration


The master banner defines the primary video settings.

The settings are:

  • Banner: Banner is set as responsive and cannot be modified.

  • Use Primary Video Component: Selected.

  • Duration: The video duration is set to 15 seconds. When uploading a video into the Primary Video component, the ad duration will automatically update to the new asset video duration.


The custom interaction is configured to disable autoclose.

when the user taps/or clicks the button.

It is recommended that you disable auto-close on any interaction that pauses the video and engages the user with the creative.

This will prevent the ad from unloading during user engagement.

The settings are:

  • Component Type: Button.

  • Action: Custom Interaction.

  • Action: Disable Auto Close.


Serves as a companion asset that pauses the video and routes the user to the target destination.

The settings are:

  • Component: Button.

  • Event: Tap/Click.

  • Action: Pause Primary Video.

  • Action: clickthrough.


The Skip Ad In-Stream action is associated with the

Skip Ad Button. When the user taps or clicks this button

component, the Skip Ad action is triggered.

The settings are:

  • Component: Button.

  • Exclude from Responsive Scaling: Selected.

  • Show on Load: False

  • Master - On Skip Enabled event, results with the Show of skip button action.

    This event is triggered when the skip offset is reached.

  • Action: InStream Actions/ Skip Ad.


When the user clicks the close button the ad is closed.

The settings are:

  • Component: Button.

  • Located: Top right corner.

  • Exclude from Responsive Scaling: Selected.

  • Show on Load: False

  • Master - On Close Enabled event, results with "Show" of close button action.

  • Event: Tap/Click.

  • Action: Close Ad.


Ad Builder requires that the ad always include a Primary Video.

This video is selected on the ad level and serves as the main ad content – typically when the ad starts.

The Primary Video includes the video component.

The settings are:

  • Component: Video.

  • AutoPlay After: True. Cannot be modified.

  • Muted: False.

  • Dimensions: Equal to ad stage dimensions.

  • Position on Canvas: 0x0.

  • Opacity: Set to 100%.

Customizing Your HTML5 In-Stream Interactive Ad in Ad Builder

  1. To open the Video In-Stream template in Ad Builder, click Creative > Ads > New Ad > Design HTML5 Ads > Template Gallery > Video In-Stream Interactive.

  2. Select the Template and click Create.

  3. Rename your ad.

  4. Load a video asset into the primary video component.

  5. Add interactive and visual elements as an overlay over the primary video. Customize and tweak the ad to match your needs.

  6. Keep the Skip button, or remove it completely if the ad should not be skipped.

  7. Save your ad.

  8. Preview the ad in the SAS Preview.


    Note: In-Stream ads cannot be previewed through Ad Builder local preview. You can access the SAS Preview through Preview located on the menu bar.

  9. Proceed to traffic your HTML5 In-Stream Interactive ad in the platform.

Known Issues

Only a secure tag can be served.

Some video actions (such as mute/unmute) are not supported for all players.

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