• Sizmek MDX: Manage > Ads > New > Design New HTML5 Ad > Actions and Animations> Actions > Custom Actions

  • Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS): Creative > Ads > New Ad > Design HTML5 Ads > Actions and Animations> Actions > Custom Actions

Ad Builder supports adding a Calendar Reminder action to your ads. This action downloads a calendar file from the ad the user is watching and automatically adds the date to their local calendar application.


To configure the Calendar Reminder action you need to upload a calendar to your ad. Ad Builder supports the following calendar file types:

  • ICS

  • ICAL

  • IFB


In addition, you can define a custom interaction that will count each click to download. SAS can track this custom interaction along with the campaign report.



Important: Before you begin, create and export a calendar event file in any email application of your choice.

  1. Create an ad in Ad Builder and add a component.

  2. Select an event to trigger the required action. For example, tap or click.

  3. Click Ad Action.

  4. In the Action list, under Custom Actions, select Download Calendar Reminder.

  5. In the Select/Upload Calendar File area, upload the calendar file you previously created.

  6. (Optional) In the Custom Interaction Name box, enter a user-defined custom interaction name. This enables the system to trigger a custom interaction when the user clicks the Calendar Reminder. The custom interaction is then tracked and reported under the custom name in the SAS reports.

  7. Save the ad and test the feature in the Ad Builder Preview.

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