• Sizmek MDX: Manage > Ads > New > Design New HTML5 Ad > Actions and Animations > Custom Actions > Run JavaScript

  • Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS): Creative > Ads > New Ad > Design HTML5 Ads > Actions and Animations > Custom Actions > Run JavaScript


Note: This feature is intended for Advanced programmers. Ad Builder provides a wide range of actions and animations that cater for your needs and include embedded JavaScript.Ad Builder enables you to add JavaScript code to your ad using the dedicated JavaScript editor accessible from the Run JavaScript action. Assign any event to the ad and then select the Run JavaScript action to be triggered based on this event.

  1. In Ad Builder, access the Actions and Animations tab.

  2. Assign an event to the which the JavaScript code will follow.

  3. From the Actions drop-down list, select Custom Actions > Run JavaScript.

  4. Click Open Code Editor.

  5. Define your JavaScript code and click Apply.

  6. Verify in Ad Builder Preview that your code is running correctly on the ad.

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