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The SAS Rapid Creative ad authoring tool provides a set of ad templates that can easily and quickly be made into your own ads. All you need to do is to select a template, customize the different components and attributes, and proceed to serve the ad.

Rapid Creative caters for publishers and self-service media clients who own assets, but have limited resources for custom creative work. Using Rapid Creative, allows trading desk, agencies, and advertisers that do not have dedicated or skilled creative agencies, to create multiple ads in short deadlines. As ads can be re-used, Rapid Creative serves as a time-saver for creative agencies.

Rapid Creative is accessible from the Ads List and is categorized in SAS as an Authoring Tool.


The Rapid Creative templates are displayed in the All Templates or My Templates tabs. You can easily filter the Templates according to name, dimensions, and format type.


After you select an ad and click Create, the ad is displayed on the canvas and the Layers pane displays the ad's components and elements. Selecting an element on the canvas displays the properties pane and highlights the element on the ad. Saved ads are automatically added to the Ads list. To edit an existing Rapid Creative ad, double-click the ad in the Ads list.

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