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The SAS Rapid Creative ad authoring tool provides a set of ad templates that allow users to easily and quickly build their own ads. All users need to do is to select a template, customize the different components and attributes and then proceed to serve the ad.

Ad Builder allows you to create the Rapid Creative templates from your Ad Builder ads. Saving an ad as an Rapid Creative template populates the ad's components and attributes into a table. Then, you can proceed to select which options to include in your new Rapid Creative template. Settings for either a component or ad element are displayed in the table according to these categories:

  • Layout: Includes the component name, width, height, positioning, and visibility.

  • Design: Includes the component look and feel, for example, colors and fonts.

  • Content: Includes component linked assets, such as text labels.


The following table describes the component and it's attributes within each category.







(W, H)

  • Font

  • Font size

  • Custom Font

  • Text color

  • Text style

  • Border color

  • Border width

  • Border radius

  • Fill type (Solid/Gradient/Image)

    • Solid fill (1 hex)

    • Gradient fill (2 hex)

    • Image (1 asset)

  • Shadow color

  • Shadow Offset X

  • Shadow Offset Y

  • Shadow Offset Blur

  • Button label

Daily Motion

Dimension (W,H)

  • Opacity

  • Show control bar

  • Muted

  • Video ID


Dimension (W,H)

  • Button Type:

    Button Asset

  • URL

Facebook Feed

Dimension (W,H)

  • Placeholder Image

  • Show thumbnails

    • Thumbnail Size

  • Background Color

  • Separator Color

  • Timestamp Color

  • Font

  • Font Size

  • Font Color

  • Link Color

  • Overlay Height

  • Overlay Color

  • Overlay Position

  • Button Width

  • Button Height

  • Button Ratio

  • Button Color

  • Button Position

  • Button Font

  • Button Font Size

  • Button Font Color

  • Facebook Page URL

  • Auto fetch feed on load

  • Button Label


Dimension (W,H)




Dimension (W,H)


  • HTML value


Dimension (W,H)

  • Opacity

  • Image Asset

Media Gallery

Dimension (W,H)

  • Show Nav Arrows

    • Arrow type

      • Left arrow asset

      • Right Arrow asset

  • Show Nav Bullets

    • Bullet Size

    • Bullet Color

    • Selected Color

    • Hover Color

  • Gallery Clickthrough

  • Auto-play

    • Advance every X seconds

    • Stop on user Interaction

  • Loop Gallery

  • For each slide:

    • Slide asset

    • show title

      • title

      • Title font

      • Title font size

      • title font color

    • Slide Clickthrough

    • Crop type (image only)


Dimension (W,H)

  • Opacity

  • Button Image Asset

  • Image to Pin Asset

  • Advertiser Destination URL

  • Pin Description


Dimension (W,H)

  • Rotation

  • Stroke Style

  • Stroke Opacity

  • Stroke Color

  • Stroke width

  • Corner Radius (for rectangle only)

  • Fill Type (solid/gradient)

    • Fill Solid Color

    • Fill Gradient

  • Fill Opacity

  • Shadow color

  • Shadow Offset X

  • Shadow Offset Y

  • Shadow Offset Blur px

  • Shape Style (9 shapes)

Store Locator

Dimension (W,H)

  • Placeholder Image

  • Map Theme

  • Show Address Search

  • Map Units

  • Initial Radius

  • You Are Here Asset

  • Point of Interest Asset

  • Point of Interest box

    • Background Color

    • Font

    • Font Size

    • Font Color

    • Company Logo asset

    • Show Get Directions

    • Show Call

    • Show Open Map

  • Point of Interest CSV file

  • Fallback Starting Location


Dimension (W,H)

  • Opacity

  • Font

  • Font Size

  • Font color

  • Font Weight

  • Text Style

  • Alignment

  • spacing

  • Custom Font

  • Text value


Dimension (W,H)

  • Button Type

  • URL

  • Tweet Text

  • Via Username

  • Recommend Username

  • Hashtag Username

Twitter Feed

Dimension (W,H)

  • Placeholder Image Asset

  • Theme

  • Show Header

  • Show Footer

  • Show Borders

  • Show Scrollbars

  • Transparent Background

  • Language

  • Link Color

  • Border Color

  • Twitter Username

  • Widget ID

  • Auto-Fetch Feed on Load


Dimension (W,H)

  • Show control bar

  • Mute

  • Autoplay after X ms

  • Autoplay on Mobile

  • Poster Asset

  • Video Asset

  • Video to Transcode


Dimension (W,H)

  • Show control bar

  • Show info bar

  • Video ID


Note : Rapid Creative templates include actions and animations that cannot be edited by the user.

Building Rapid Creative Templates

  1. In Ad Builder, build your ad or template.

  2. From the menu bar, click Save > Save as Rapid Creative Template.

  3. In the Save as Rapid Creative Template dialog box, select the categories to include or exclude in the template.

  4. Click Save. Saving the Rapid Creative template, automatically adds the template to the Rapid Creative application and to the Templates Gallery.

  5. Preview and test the new template in the Rapid Creative application.

Controlling Template Availability for Users

By default, saving the Rapid Creative template in Ad Builder automatically adds the template to the templates list in the SAS, and is visible to all users under the account and in the Rapid Creative application.

The following procedure describes how to control which user can view the Rapid Creative Templates.

  1. On the platform, access the Creative > Templates list.

  2. Double-click the template you want to edit.

  3. (Optional) To grant access to all users, select the Make this template available to all accounts check box.

  4. (Optional) To limit the template to specific accounts, select Make this template available to specific accounts.

  5. Click Save.

Deleting a Rapid Creative Template

  1. On the platform, access the Creative > Templates list.

  2. Select the Rapid Creative filter to show Rapid Creative templates only.

  3. Below the template, select Delete.

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