Modules are JavaScript (JS) files with functionality that can be loaded into your creative. Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS) provides several modules; you can select any combination of modules according to the required functionality in your ad.

The EBLoader.js script reads a variable called EBModulesToLoad and loads all of the modules listed in the variable.

The full list of modules supported here is:

  • Video: Tracks videos. For more information, see Work with the Video Module .


    Note: EBV Module was deprecated and replaced by the Video module.

  • EBCMD: Used for mobile-device in-app serving using the IAB’s MRAID framework. For more information, see Work with the EBCMD Module in HTML5 API .

  • MRAID: An alias for the EBCMD module.

  • EBAPI: Extra functionality for Rich Media ads. Mostly only used by Custom Formats. For more information, see API Extension Module.

  • Comm: Supports communication between the various panels of a multi-panel ad, or between multiple SAS as on the same page. For more information, see Work with the Comm Module in the HTML5 API .

For example, if your ad uses video, and needs to run in mobile in-apps, you would include the following in the <head> of your html:

<script> EBModulesToLoad = ['Video', 'EBCMD'];</script>
<script src=""></script>

Loading and Initializing HTML5 Modules

EBLoader initializes all of the other modules and loads after all of the other modules have finished loading. When EBLoader prompts that it is initialized, all of the other modules are ready too.


  • Add the following code as early as possible to the body element in the ad's HTML file. isInitialized checks whether the EB object is fully initialized and available for API calls.

<script type="text/javascript">
function checkInit() {
    if (!EB.isInitialized()) {
        EB.addEventListener(EBG.EventName.EB_INITIALIZED, onInit);
        //This code checks whether the EB object is initialized 
        //if the object is initialized 
        //it launches the function "onInit" 
        //otherwise "EB_INITIALIZED" event.
    } else {

    function onInit() {
        // Place your code to start the ad flow here. 
window.addEventListener('load', checkInit);
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