You can create an In-Stream Video ad when you want to integrate video ads into video content that is played on a publisher’s player. The In-Stream video solution is based on IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) standards and includes multiple creative elements. These include linear elements, and/or companion ads in a variety of combinations, providing the publisher with full control of which assets are served.

To view a full list of In-Stream related fields, see Video In-Stream Ad Fields.

Support for VAST Versions

Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS) supports VAST up to version 4.1.

  • VAST 3.0: Selecting skip settings applies VAST 3.0 tags to all VAST ads. For VPAID ads, skip functionality is enabled, but tags remain VAST 2.

  • VAST 4.x: Configuring any VAST 4-specific settings, including Universal Ad ID or Verification tag settings, applies VAST 4.1 tags to all VAST, VPAID, and Enhanced (VAST or VPAID) ad formats.


Video Auto-Transcoding

You do not need to manually transcode each and every video prior to serving as an automatic video transcoding process runs on all In-Stream video assets in SAS during the attachment process. It is enabled by default on the account level and applies to all master ads created in this account. For more information on auto-transcoding, see Work with Video Auto-Transcoding in Sizmek Ad Suite.

In-Stream Video Elements


A linear element is a video or an image that appears either before, in the middle of, or after the featured video content. Linear elements are generally classified as pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll. In-Stream ads must contain at least one linear element.

The following table describes the supported file types per element.


File Type


  • HD MP4 Video

  • MOV

  • FLV

  • Package

  • Flash

  • WMV (WMV3 and above)

  • WebM

  • 3GP

  • Video

  • F4V

  • Images

  • OGV files for OGG video

  • OGG files for OGG audio


Note: .oga files should be treated as .ogg files.


The Companion element appears alongside the video player, on the same page. It typically starts with the linear element (whichever comes first) and can either remain on the page throughout the entire video play, change at some point with another creative, or disappear. SAS supports a companion also known as a Static Resource Companion, (otherwise known as a Static Resource Type), which is a single asset like a JPG or SWF.

Rules and Guidelines



Recommended Video Specs

  • MP4

  • Video Codec: H.264

  • Audio Codec: AAC

  • Dimensions: 1920 x 1080

  • Ratio: 16:9

  • Bitrate: 15 Mbps+


Make sure the publisher you are going to work with is VAST/VPAID certified and SAS certified depending on the ad format. For more information, contact your customer success manager .

Ad Size

The In-Stream Video ad has a maximum file size of 1 GB, unless you have special permissions. For more information, please contact your customer success manager. The ad summary displays the billing size for the In-Stream Video and is calculated as follows:

The largest linear + sum of companions + largest additional asset.

Placement Ads

Create an In-Stream Video placement (In-Stream Video ads can only be attached to In-Stream Video placements). For more information, see Placement Setup Settings


Select the delivery type in the General section when creating your master ad to determine how the video is delivered on the ad using Streaming or Progressive. Streaming loads the video parallel to the ad whereas Progressive buffers the content into the memory prior to playing the video.

SAS Software for Creating In-Stream Ads

You can create In-Stream Video Interactive ads using Ad Builder for HTML5.

Supported In-Stream Formats

In-Stream Video Ad Format

In SAS, VAST is known as an In-Stream Video ad. In-Stream Video ads use the VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) XML, an XML that communicates between the publisher and the player. This XML is automatically generated with your ad and contains the ad's definitions, including placement impressions, calls for each creative element, links to event tracking and click-throughs, and more.

In-Stream Enhanced Video Ad Format

An Enhanced In-Stream ad automatically converts associated linear video files to VPAID assets. These ads are automatically enhanced to enable viewability and verification without the need to create a VPAID ad.

To create an In-Stream Enhanced ad, select the Enable viewability and verification (applies only to VPAID supported sites) check box.


In-Stream Video - Interactive Ad Format

In-Stream Video - Interactive is served within a video stream and contains multiple creative elements that can be interactive. In-Stream Video- Interactive ads commonly use the VPAID API. VPAID is an IAB specification that describes an API which the ad and player use to communicate with each other. This communication includes events that the player can use to track, along with functionality that allows interactive creatives to work with the player. For more information about the IAB specifications, see IAB VPAID Specs Site.

If you want to use VPAID functionalities in your In-Stream Video ad, you must make sure that your creative assets are VPAID compliant in In-Stream environments and that they can communicate with the hosting video player.

VPAID Rules and Guidelines

  • You should use VPAID for all publishers who support VPAID.

  • The MediaFIle section of the VPAID .xml file displays a height and width of 480 x 640. These dimensions are a fixed size regardless of the dimensions of the In-Stream ad that is serving. There is no impact on the size of the ad in the player.


For more information on creating and serving HTML5 VPAID ads, see the following:

In-Stream VPAID Dynamic Creative Ads

SAS supports building Dynamic Creative VPAID ads. Any interactive element within the VPAID unit can converted into a dynamic element for DCO. It is important to note the following:

  • Always assign a video as a linear asset at the ad-level.

  • If the video file is intended to be a dynamic element, use a blank video file set to the correct duration for the linear asset, and make the video an interactive element within the creative, to make it a dynamic element.

In-Stream VAST Dynamic Creative Ads

SAS supports building Dynamic Creative VAST ads with multiple versions. For more information, see Build an In-Stream VAST Dynamic Creative Ads in Sizmek Advertising Suite..

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