This video provides an overview of the following topics in Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS):

  • Building an In-Stream Interactive (VPAID) ad.

  • Uploading an HTML5 Workspace.

  • Adding a Companion asset to the ad.


Note: VPAID ad dimensions, which appear in the information panel (in the upper-right corner), are the dimensions of the largest image in the ad's workspace.


The following table provides links to the template and demo for the In-Stream VPAID HTML5 ad.

In-Stream VPAID Dynamic Creative Ads

SAS supports building Dynamic Creative VPAID ads. Any interactive element within the VPAID unit can converted into a dynamic element for DCO. It is important to note the following:

  • Always assign a video as a linear asset at the ad-level.

  • If the video file is intended to be a dynamic element, use a blank video file set to the correct duration for the linear asset, and make the video an interactive element within the creative, to make it a dynamic element.

For more information, see the following articles.

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