Many advertisers and agencies imagine online video appearing in large, prominent video players that are the focal point of the page. However, this is often not the case because there is a very limited amount of this quality inventory and this type of inventory is expensive.

In the industry today, there are several issues that make verifying video difficult:

  • There are many formats and player types.

  • There is little adherence to standards, and often several intermediary media buyers across blind networks and exchanges.

  • There is a significant amount of questionable buying and delivery practices - even on premium and site-served publishers.

  • Many video ad serving companies are actually media companies; they make money by serving ads against the media that they buy cheaply and then resell at a premium to advertisers. This means the media companies need to weigh their customer's brand safety needs, which limits inventory and raises media costs, against their own margins.

  • There is no real visibility into what happens in any given campaign - where the ad played on the page, the size of the ad, or the contents of the page surrounding the ad.

Video players provides a clear view of how your video ads were actually delivered, analyzing the video attributes on a page, such as player size and position. The categories include:


Important: Video Players categories are available in varying degrees for pre-bid targeting and post-buy verification. For more information, see Video.

For more information about Peer39 semantic technology and video players, see About Peer39 and Categorization.

How Does It Work?

Placement and page quality can be highly variable even within a single campaign. No matter the context, Sizmek gives you visibility into the breadth of coverage types and provides the type of verification analysis that is most relevant.

  • Page-level verification: This type of verification occurs on pages that contain mostly text, with perhaps a single video player. In these cases, data points are identical to display verification and include brand safety, content, ghost sites, and language.

  • Player-level verification: This type of verification occurs on pages that contain mostly video players, or where video, rather than text, is the predominant media type. In these cases, data points address the size and type of player, the number of players, and the player location.

In addition to player-level information, Video Verification also provides the brand safety, page content, geo/language and site/device information found within standard verification. All Video Verification attributes are powered by Peer39.

Video Verification is available on VPAID publishers (on VPAID ads or Enhanced VAST ads). For more information, see Build an In-Stream Enhanced Ad in Sizmek Advertising Suite.

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