The Autotracking feature enables Sizmek Ad Suite to track search campaigns automatically.

Enable Autotracking

The search account manager can determine when to set the autotracking feature:

  • During search engine account onboarding: The status for all onboarded campaigns and for all new campaigns created in the search engine will be set to Tracked automatically.


    Important: If you are upgrading from MDX to SAS, make sure that you disable the search accounts in MDX before using the automatic trakcing option.

  • After onboarding, and after the initial synchronization process is complete: Sizmek will only track campaigns that were added after autotracking was enabled. Any existing onboarded campaigns in the system will need to be tracked manually.



    Important: Before selecting the Autotracking check box in the Search settings, it is recommended to wait until after the initial synchronization process is complete and all of the search account/campaigns are loaded into Sizmek Ad Suite for tracking.

Disable Autotracking

From the Search tab in the Advertiser settings page, clear the autotracking check box for the search engine account that you want to stop tracking. All newly-created campaigns for this search account will not be autotracked.


  • If you select both autotracking options during onboarding, the Automatically track all new campaigns option overrides the Automatically track campaigns currently tracked by Sizmek MDX option. It is not recommended to select both autotracking options because the migration process will not work as expected.

  • When the multiple-advertiser campaign tracking feature is enabled, the autotracking is only applied to campaigns under a single advertiser. For the remaining advertisers, this option is disabled.

  • Autotracking is supported for direct integrations (Google, Bing) and not supported for SEM integrations.

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