Supported Metrics

HTML5 Standard Banners support the following metrics:

  • click-through

  • impressions

  • viewability

Ad Dimensions

The size of your ad is determined by the dimensions of the default image.


The following table provides links to the template and demo for the HTML5 Standard Banner format.

Creative Specifications


Important: The size limitations listed below are according to the maximum allowed sizes in Sizmek Ad Suite (SAS). The publisher's limitations outweigh those of SAS; you should confirm with your publisher before publishing your ad.

Maximum File Size

Custom Interactions

Additional Assets

Smart Versioning

Maximum ad size <= 200 KB


Default image <= 200 KB


Workspace <= 200 KB



Important: Your publisher must be certified to run and serve HTML5 campaigns and ads. Please contact your customer success manager for more information.

  1. From the main menu, select Creative > Ads.

  2. From the toolbar, select New Ad > Blank Ad.

  3. In the Ad Name field, type a unique name for your ad.


    Note: The ad name must be unique across the campaign.

  4. From the Ad Format list, select Standard Banner.

  5. In the Creative Assets section (Main Assets tab), click Assign Asset and select an asset for the Workspace Folder. Note that this asset is limited to 200 KB (compressed file size).

  6. For the Default Image, click Assign Asset and select an asset for the default image.


    Important: To save your ad, you must select a default image.


    Note: By default, the workspace, which you previously selected, opens automatically. You can select a default image outside the workspace if it does not belong to another workspace.

  7. For Flash ads, click Assign Asset for the Banner and select an asset.

  8. (Advanced) In the Click-Through & Events section, type the click-through URL for the entire ad. You can also add events in the Events tab.

  9. In the Settings section (General tab), define the way in which the ad loads.

    1. For the Download mode, select one of the following:

      • Instant: The ad loads when the page content loads.

      • Polite: The ad loads after the page content loads.

    2. For the Polite download mode, select the Initial Load Asset setting:

      • Transparent Preload Image: Downloads a transparent image to the placement.

      • Default Image: Downloads the default image to the placement.

  10. To view the assets included in your ad, click the Workspace Assets tab in the Creative Assets section.

  11. To preview an asset, hover on the asset and click Preview.

  12. Click Save. The Info box reflects any changes that were made to your ad.

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