Follow these steps to set up Verification for In-Stream video ads (served).

  1. On the site Ad Delivery tab, select HTML5 VPAID for VPAID Support. This enables the site to run VPAID ads. For more information, see Site Setup Settings. DW: Need to go to Ad Delivery in this article.

  2. On the master ad, select Enable viewability and verification (applies only to VPAID supported sites). This action converts the In-Stream ad to a VPAID format that supports Verification and Viewability. The default is VAST that does not support Verification and Viewability. For more information see Build an In-Stream Enhanced Ad in Sizmek Advertising Suite or Create Ads in Bulk Using Ad Creation Wizard .

  3. Select Advanced for the Verification Data Collection Mode in the account, advertiser, and campaign levels. For more information, see Generate a Verification Tracking Tag .



    Note: Enabling this setting on the account level affects new advertisers only, and enabling it on the advertiser level affects new campaigns only. Since existing advertisers and campaigns are not affected by hierarchical changes, it is recommended to enable this setting manually for each level, and especially on the campaign level, as this level determines data collection.

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