When an access token expires while the search engine integration is live, Sizmek cannot pull data (such as entity updates or aggregated reports) from the account or push changes (such as tracking URL updates) to the account. 

To resolve this issue, you can refresh the expired access token for the search engine account so the integration can continue without any interruption or data loss.



Note: Before you begin, verify that you are only logged into the search engine account for which you want to reset authorization. If you are not logged into the search engine account, you will be prompted to add your credentials.

  1. From the Search tab in the Advertiser settings, select the search account for which you want to refresh access credentials.

  2. Click Refresh.

  3. Sign in, with the search engine account credentials, to grant access to the Sizmek platform.

  4. Confirm with your Sizmek customer success manager that the reauthorization was successful.

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