The Page Quality data point reports on different properties on the page. The Page Quality categories appear for both display and video campaigns and in the Excel export file.

This table describes the Page Quality categories.



Blind Inventory

Includes referrer URLs that have been passed through multiple ad networks and have been masked or buried within iFrames. Blind Inventory identifies URLs where a domain or page URL could not be extracted.


Identifies pages that contain an area to leave user comments. Pages may or may not actually include comments.

Content Rich Environment

Includes pages that are rich with text.

Home_Index Page

Includes homepages and index pages which are either the main page or a main portal page of a site. This includes inner pages that are portals to deeper sections in the site. For example, is a homepage and is an index page on the same site. These pages are typically highly trafficked and prominent locations on a site.

Login Page

Detects a video on a login page, which requires a login to confirm. Note that this category appears for pre-bid clients only.

Malicious Activity Sites

Identifies sites involved in malicious activity. Example sites include:

  • Sites affiliated to browser hijackers, which cause fraudulent ads to appear on a page or forces homepage redirects

  • Sites that install adware, malware, or toolbars

  • Search engines that serve fraudulent ads using ad injection

  • Sites that install Trojans or viruses

  • Sites with excessive popups or attack pages

Moderated UGC

UGC sites that state in their Terms and Services agreement that they have the right to remove inappropriate content from their site, although they are not obligated to remove this content.

Parked Domains

Pages that act as placeholders for domains that are registered and offered for sale. There is very little content on these pages and a lot of ad spec. Advertisers often want to prevent their ads from appearing on such pages.

Transparent Inventory

Identifies pages that are transparent and can be classified by 3rd party technology, but avoids Blind Inventory that 3rd party technology could not classify because the web page was not transparent.


User-generated content sites that are not moderated, including, but not limited to, memes and humor sharing sites, files sharing, wikis, podcasts, and blogs.


Contains pages to forums or message boards, which are online discussion sites where people can hold conversations by posting messages. The messages can be archived and contain moderated or unmoderated content.


UGC sites in which users manage their profiles, connect with friends, and can actively post content, photos, or videos.


UGC sites in which users upload photos or videos to share with family, friends, and random strangers. A few examples include Flickr, YouTube, and ebaumsworld.


Contains various login pages for web-based email access. It is an email service offered through a specific website.

Webmail>Premium Webmail

Inventory that includes Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft and Google webmail pages.

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