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Creating an In-Stream Ad


This procedure describes how to create In-Stream VAST and VAST Enhanced ads. You create In-Stream video ads when you want to integrate video ads into video content that is played on a publisher's player. An In-Stream video ad can include multiple creative elements.

  1. Click Creative > Ads.

  2. On the Ads page, click New Ad > Blank Ad.

  3. In the Ad Name box, enter a name for your ad.

  4. In the Ad Format list, select In-Stream Video.

    You can now add your video file as the linear asset. Videos should be .MP4 or .MOV format and to the highest spec your publisher requires.

  5. Under Creative Assets, on the Linear tab, click Add to open the Assets library.

  6. In the Assets library, select or upload your video file.

  7. (Optional) If you have a static companion, click Companion, and select or upload the companion file.

  8. Add a click-through URL.

  9. (Optional for VAST 3.0) Under Settings, select the Skip ad unit after check box, and type the number of seconds before the Skip button should appear.

  10. (Optional) If you only have one high-quality video for your ad, your publisher might require multiple spec variants of the video. Select Enable Video Auto-Transcoding to automatically transcode your video into all of the required publisher specs.

  11. (Optional) Select Enable viewability and verification to enable an enhanced ad.

  12. Click Save.

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