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You can build static image ads or HTML5 coded ads using one of the following methods:

  • Blank ad: Creates a single ad.

  • Ad creation wizard: Enables you to upload multiple ads and their assets.

Both methods require that all of your assets are ready . For a static image ad, you need a .gif, .png, or .jpg. For a coded ad, you need a zipped Workspace prepared according to Sizmek specs.


Note: Coded ads should all be in one folder, with the index file in the top-most level. Coded ads should use clickTag or the Sizmek API for their click method.

Once your assets are ready, you can either upload them to the Assets library before you build your ad, or upload assets during the building process.

Build a Single Ad

  1. From the main menu, select Creative > Ads.

  2. From the toolbar, select New Ad > Blank Ad.

  3. In the Ad Name field, type a unique name for your ad.

  4. In the Ad Format list, select Standard Banner. A standard banner is limited to one click and 200 KB, including the default image if the ad is coded.

  5. Depending on whether you are building a static image ad or a Workspace ad, do the following actions:

    For this ad type

    Do this

    Static image ad

    1. Under Default Image, click Assign Asset.

    2. Select an asset for your default image. Your default image must be the physical size of the placement it’s going to run in.

    Workspace ad

    1. In the Creative Assets section, click Assign Asset, and select an asset for the Workspace folder.

    2. For the default image, click Assign Asset and select an asset for the default image. The platform takes you to the folder you assigned as a Workspace.

  6. (Optional) Add the click-through URL.

  7. Save your ad. Your ad is saved in the Ads list.

Build Ads in Bulk

If you have multiple ads to load at once and you want all of their assets in the same folder, you can use the Ad Creation Wizard.

  1. From the main menu, select Creative > Ads.

  2. From the toolbar, select New Ad > Ad Creation Wizard.

  3. Select an existing folder, or create a new folder to use for the ads. Then, drag the relevant Workspace .zip files/static image files to this folder. Sizmek checks each file.

  4. Click Build Ads.

  5. You can now view and modify your ads' settings (name, format, and default image), and add a click-through URL. In addition the ads' physical sizes are displayed.

  6. Click Next and review your ads.

  7. Click Done. Your ads are saved in the Ads list.

Preview and Test Ads

We recommend that after saving your ads, you do the following actions:

  1. Preview the ad to ensure that it looks and animates correctly.

  2. Submit your ad to the Sizmek QA team. Once you fill out the form, the QA team will return a detailed report within 48 hours about the ad's setup and functionality.

Advanced Use Cases


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