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  • Allow Search Analytics: Enables the Search Analytics feature.

  • Advanced Search Analytics: Enables additional functionality for Sizmek customer success managers.


Sizmek Search Analytics solves the challenge of search and display campaign management by automating paid search activity tracking in Sizmek Ad Suite. You gain a much better understanding of user behavior within the conversion funnel, which enables you to determine what works and what does not work. Search Analytics also leverages an API that eliminates the laborious process of setting the tracking pixels in the search engine ad system.

Key Benefits of Using Search Analytics

  • Reduce set-up time for thousands of tracking pixels by using the search engine API.

  • Track search (log-level) events to use in Raw Data Feeds and Path to Conversion reports.

  • Evaluate cross-channel campaigns at scale.

Available Integrations

Direct integrations supports connections with Google and Bing (similar to Search Connect in Sizmek MDX). For more information, see About Direct Integrations.

Direct integrations also allow you to track search activities with other 3rd party tracking systems. For more information, see Supported 3rd Party Systems.

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