Sizmek Search Analytics gives you a single source of truth and reporting across media plans and search campaign performance.

Search Analytics enables clients to track their search activity within the platform and access the tracked search data using Sizmek Ad Suite reporting. Additionally, clients can monitor impression and click performance, according to search engine reporting, directly in the platform.

Direct integrations utilizes direct API connection with search engines to ingest all required information and data into Sizmek and push the changes to the search engine. Currently, there are two integrations available:

  • Google AdWords

  • Bing Ads (Using Bing Ads, you can also serve your ads in Yahoo! Inventory.)

Search Engine API

Sizmek direct integrations use the search engine's API to do the following:

  • download and synchronize metadata (account/campaign structure)

  • manage tracking template configuration on the search engine side

  • extract search engine reporting data (primarily for media cost information)

How Does It Work?

Once the integration process is complete, integrations occur on the advertiser level. Sizmek Ad Suite cannot track the same search engine account under more than one Sizmek advertiser. To switch Sizmek advertisers, the search engine account must be removed. Clients, who want to track the same search engine account under more than one advertiser in Sizmek, should contact their Sizmek customer success manager.

When all search campaigns are migrated to Sizmek, clients can choose the campaigns that they want to track in Sizmek Ad Suite. Sizmek Ad Suite sets tracking templates and tracks changes on the search engine, and extracts reporting data from the search engine.


The direct integrations mechanism always tracks search clicks on the campaign level by using tracking templates on the search engine.

When the Sizmek tracking URL is defined on the campaign level, Sizmek also confirms that there is no need to set a tracking template on the ad group, ad, or keyword levels. If there is a need to track at any of these levels (for example, the client is already using another 3rd party tracking vendor), Sizmek Ad Suite sets Sizmek tracking URLs on the corresponding level and verifies that the existing 3rd party tracker is included in the click-through chain. For more details, see Working with 3rd Party Integrations.

This image shows the Campaign URL options in campaign settings for Google Ads.


Sizmek Ad Suite monitors the changes on the search engine's side (such as new campaigns, keywords, or ads), and synchronizes them regularly.

Examples of Sizmek Tracking Templates

The following code samples represent examples of tracking templates on Google and Bing.

Google Ads{campaignid}_{adgroupid}_{targetid}&gclid={gclid}&MatchType={matchtype}&SEPos={adposition}&SEAdID={creative}&scid=1073915042&advid=1073757889&rtu={escapedlpurl}

Bing Ads{CampaignId}_{AdGroupId}_{TargetId}&gclid={msclkid}&MatchType={MatchType}&SEAdID={AdId}&scid=1073921878&advid=1073757889&rtu={escapedlpurl}

Tracking Statuses

When working with search campaigns in Sizmek Ad Suite, there are several different statuses, designated as passive (no actions are done in the background) and active (background actions are performed, such as pulling updates).






The campaign is newly ingested from the search engine to Sizmek Ad Suite and has never been tracked by Sizmek Ad Suite.

Updating Tracking


  • Enable tracking: Sizmek Ad Suite uses the search engine's API to establish tracking templates on the search engine.

  • Disable tracking: Sizmek Ad Suite uses the search engine's API to remove its tracking templates from the search engine.



The campaign is being tracked by Sizmek Ad Suite.

In this state, Sizmek Ad Suite actively restores the Sizmek tracking URL if:

  • It has been deleted.

  • It has been corrupted.

  • The order of URLs has been changed (when using other 3rd party tracking).

In this state, Sizmek Ad Suite:

  • ingests updates from search engine (for example, new keywords)

  • extracts search engine reporting data

Not Tracking


The campaign has been tracked by Sizmek Ad Suite, but tracking was disabled. In this state, Sizmek Ad Suite actively removes the Sizmek tracking URL if it was added in the search engine by a source other than Sizmek (for example, manually).

Types of Supported Entities

The following types of entities are currently supported in Search Analytics direct integrations with search engines.








Search network, including display bundled and Search+ campaigns.

Search and dynamic search ad campaigns

Ad Groups




Only expanded text ads and responsive search ads

Only expanded text ads




Additional Supported Search Engine Features

Sizmek Ad Suite supports the following search engine features.

Search Engine Feature

Search Engine



Google, Bing

A feature that automatically adds a parameter to your URLs to help you track offline conversions, and report on your ad performance using website tracking programs.


In Sizmek Ad Suite, both the Raw Data Feed (RDF) and Path to Conversion (P2C) report include reporting information about search-related fields.

  • RDF: Provides raw data about campaign performance such as impressions, clicks, interactions, conversions, and site activities. The search clicks are extracted as part of the Standard Feed. The match files include all metadata.

  • P2C: Provides data about the path to conversion analysis by search and display channels and the synergy between the two channels. All of the search clicks can be part of the event in the path or the winner event.

For more information, see Generate a Raw Data Feed and Path to Conversion.

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