Using direct integrations, you can track search activity together with other tracking systems. Sizmek utilizes additional logic that detects 3rd party tracking URLs on the search engine side, and tries to work with them to serve the ad properly and maintain the integrity of the redirect chain.



  • After the user enables tracking for the specific search campaign in the platform, the direct integrations mechanism always places tracking templates on a campaign level automatically.

  • Do not use the 3rd party tracking URL on the account level (in the search engine) when using direct integrations. The search engine considers tracking templates from the campaign level and below. When the Sizmek tracking template is placed on the campaign level (by enabling tracking in the platform), the 3rd party tracking URL from the account will not be considered.

  • If the 3rd party tracking URL is present on one of the lower-level entities (ad groups/ads/keywords), the direct integration mechanism will also wrap/append the 3rd party tracking URL on a lower level; the search events can be measured by both sides.

How Does It Work?

Every time you enable tracking for your search campaigns (see Working with Search Direct Integrations) the direct integration mechanism checks for the presence of a 3rd party tracking URL, and if detected, wraps or appends to it:

  • Wrapping:<Sizmek tracking URL<3rd party tracking URL<Final URL>>>

  • Appending:<3rd party tracking URL<Sizmek tracking URL<Final URL>>>

The direct integrations mechanism also restores the Sizmek tracking URL automatically when deleted, corrupted, or the order of the URLs changes.

Supported 3rd Party Integrations


Wrapping or Appending

Final Tracking Template URL

Search Ad 360



Note: To use an integration that is not listed, contact your Sizmek customer success manager.

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