What is Symphony?

Symphony is the world's leading digital media management system for agencies, specifically focusing on APAC.

What is Required to Integrate with Symphony?

Please contact your customer success manager to get an API enabled user and key.

Note to customer success managers

Symphony is an API integration. Follow these steps when integrating a client:

  1. Download the customer API agreement here.


    Note: If the request comes from a GroupM affiliate, use the GroupM API Access template agreement. Download the agreement from here. In the table, fill in the required information, and save the agreement as a PDF file.

  2. Send the agreement to your client to sign via DocuSign. Please work with your customer success regional contact and make sure they follow the steps outlined here.

  3. Once the agreement is counter signed and returned to you, open a Support ticket and include the signed agreement . Ask Sizmek Support to set up an API user and application key.

  4. Support should use the following naming convention: API.Symphony.[Agency ID].[Advertiser ID]


    Note: Sizmek recommends creating a single, API-enabled user per account and advertiser. If, however, your client insists on having multiple API-enabled users, the recommended naming convention is: API.Symphony.[Agency ID].[Advertiser ID].[Name].[Surname].

    If the client insists on multiple API users per agency, please escalate the issue to Solutions Engineering Team.

  5. Reporting API is not implemented for Symphony in Sizmek Ad Suite.


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